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Brand: HanDisk
Product Code: Cloudisk Micro SD Card
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Cloudisk Micro SD Card 32GB Class 10 Real Capacity MicroSD Memory Card 32 GB One Year Replacement Warranty 

- From San-disk / King-Max Brand Card OEM Factory
- 100% Real Capacity Guaranteed
Class 10 speed gua (16GB~256GB)

- Class 4 speed guaranteed (1GB~8GB)
3 Year Replacement Guaranteed

A) Card Capacity

According to common standard in electronic industry, 1GB = 1024MB, 1MB = 1024KB and 1KB = 1024byte, meanwhile, if use different format (FAT/FAT32/NTFS/RAW) to format the card, the displayed capacity may reduce a little. Because different format's file system need occupy different initial space. Like 32GB may get 29.2GB available space in NTFS file system, but maybe 29.4GB available space in FAT32, while before format, it may reach 29.5 - 29.8GB.

128GBytes = 128,000,000,000 Bytes = 125,000,000K Bytes = 122,068M Bytes = 119.20GB Raw Capacity

64GBytes = 64,000,000,000 Bytes = 62,500,000K Bytes = 61,034M Bytes = 59.60GB Raw Capacity

32GBytes = 29.80GB Raw Capacity

16GBytes = 14.90GB Raw Capacity

8GBytes = 7.45GB Raw Capacity

4GBytes = 3.72GB Raw Capacity

B) Card Speed

128MB - 8GB: at least Class 4 speed guaranteed

16GB - 128GB: at least Class 10 speed guaranteed

C) Printings

The printings on actual Micro SD / SDHC / CF card sometimes is Not 100% the same with pictures, but the performance is absolutely same & guaranteed.

D) One Year Replacement Warranty

If any Quality Problem (unartificial factor) whithin one year, please return back, we will send you a brand-new replacement.

E) What's in Package

1x Great Quality Micro SD Card

1x Transparent Wholesale Box

Color 5 Years
Speed 32GB: Class 10
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